JDLeos Belle of the Ball


CHIC Number: 161566

Date of Birth: July 11, 2019

Sex: Female

Hip Evaluation: Good

Elbow Evaluation: Normal

Eye Evaluation: Normal

Thyroid Evaluation: Normal

Cardiac Evaluation: Coming Soon

LPN1 Results: Clear

LPN2 Results: Clear

LPPN3 Results: Clear

LEMP Results: Clear

Past Litters:

J Litter, born 11/25/22, 2 males and 3 females

Upcoming Litters:

puppy picture puppy picture
DSC_6763 website copy
DSC_6757 website
DSC_6764 website
Bella sitting
Bella for website
Bella for website
Bella Third Birthday for website
Bella flying 1 for website
Bella flying 2 for website
DSC_7769 for website
DSC_7762 for website